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2016  Scholarship Flyer
2016  Scholarship Application Due Jan 15
2016 VA-ACME Scholarships

VA-ACME will award multiple $1,000 scholarships at its VA-ACME Symposium on March 17, 2016 at the Westin in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Interested participants must read the eligibility criteria and comply with the submission deadline for applications. All VA-ACME scholarship applications and attachments must be emailed by January 15, 2016. Awardees will be notified on or about March 3, 2016 by phone and by e-mail. All payments will be made directly to the institution. Members of the VA-ACME Board, VA-ACME Scholarship Committee and their families are not eligible for any of these awards. 

For an application to be complete the below documents are required to be submitted.
   a.VA-ACME scholarship application form.
   b.Unofficial transcript(s).
   c.TWO Letters of Recommendation from Academia, Professional, and or Community, who can attest to your motivation,character, and integrity.
   d.Evidence of enrollment (such as the institution’s letter of acceptance/ registration).
   e.Statement of community service (found in the body of the application)
   f.Essay on How will your education enhance your future goals in life. (found in the body of the application)  

 Scholarship Categories
There are five different scholarship categories. Only one application per person will be accepted.
   1.Active Duty, Drilling Reservist, or National Guard Member - $1,000
   2.Spouse of Active Duty Member, Drilling Reservist, National Guard, or Military Retiree - $1,000
   3. Child of Active Duty Member, Drilling Reservist, National Guard, or Military Retiree - $1,000
   4.Permanently disabled military member or their family member (spouse or child) or family member of service member missing/killed in action - $1,000
   5. Veteran or Retiree of the Armed Forces - $1,000
2016 Award  Nomination  Due Feb 10
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2015 VA-ACME Scholarship
Congratulations !!!

  • ​Lemuel Webb
  • Derrick Llewell
  • Sarah Norton
  • Austin Baraki
  • Rhiannon Bradshaw
  • Karina Phillips
  • Heather Pascanik
  • Lisa Ortiz 
  • John “Jack” Bannon
2014 VA-ACME Scholarship

Congratulations !!!

Ryan Aranzamendez
Marissa Barrios
Ai Garner
Lauren Hartburg
Emily Martin
Sherry Mathews
Alexandre Stridiron
Ricardo Taboada
Michael Thompson
Nichole Williamson
2016 VA-ACME Scholarship
Congratulations !!!